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I am no fully vaccinated and so can be much less restrictive in my practices! Please discuss your needs with me. Thanks!

During this difficult time I have been trying to find a good way to strike a fair balance between Phil Rose Photo and my clients and this is what I have come up with. Any client who has arranged a shoot with me and paid a deposit entered into a contract whereby that deposit was non-refundable with certain exceptions, namely where I myself am unable to attend the shoot. Since this virus is so widespread and so unusual I am amending this. Any event that has to be cancelled due to the coronavirus shutdown will still mean that the deposit paid is non-refundable but I am offering to put that money towards a rescheduled event of any type (within reason!) that you might want to arrange. So, for instance, if you have arranged a large birthday party shoot and that has to be cancelled you could take that deposit as a credit and put it towards a family shoot which could take place in studio or at your location. If you have a shoot booked with me and are feeling like it will need to be cancelled please just get in touch and talk with me so that we can work something out.

Please note the rules to keep me safe in the Small Print section of the site.

Thanks very much, stay safe.


Addendum! I have now had my first vaccine and will have the second on the 27th April! Oh happy days!

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