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Thumbtack users-Please read!

If you have reached this page from a link on Thumbtack I have a favor to ask. The way that Thumbtack works is that when I reach out to a client and they respond I get charged. This charge can range from about $5 to $30 depending on the projected cost of the shoot. This is how Thumbtack makes their money.

As a result I would ask that, if you are not interested in working with me,  you do not reply. I occasionally receive replies saying "thank you so much for the bid but we've decided not to shoot at this time" or something along those lines and this can cost me up to $30. It really helps to keep prices down if I'm not spending money in this way as it does add up!

Thanks very much for your understanding and trust that I'm not offended by a lack of response!

One last thing. If you would like to give me a call to chat about your shoot please do. My number is 360 – 739 – 9067 and am always happy to hear from potential clients.

Site Map

To see a gallery of a range of featured images that I am currently proud of please see the Portfolio Page

For all galleries of specific areas of specialisation such as or Children's Portraiture please start at the Galleries Page.

Looking for your own gallery of images as a client? You should have received a link and password to get you directly to the gallery but you can also go here.

For services such as Art Reproduction and Photo Restoration as well as information on print ordering please see the Services tab.

Do people love me? They seem to! See some reviews here.

Do you need information on a wide range of topics including how a wedding shoot usually goes or how your images will be delivered? Then the Resources page is the place to start!

Where do I stand on equality? Find out here!

If you are looking to pay me (and why not?) I have a page with all the information on that and it's here.

And finally, if you would like to get in touch with me there's always old reliable, the Contact Me page.

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