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How do I get my images?

After a shoot I will have way more photographs than you are going to want! Depending on the situation I may be shooting at 8 frames per second looking for just the right shot. Below is the general routine for how you will receive your images but at the bottom there is information on how you will get the shots from a business head shot shoot. 

General shoot...

After the shoot I will download the images from the camera and then upload them without doing anything at all to them to a gallery named 'Raw images'. These images with not be available to download. Think of them as being like sketches. They need to be finished up in Photoshop and an array of other post processing tools before they are ready for the big time!

I will then work up a few images that I like and upload those to a second gallery named 'Worked on images'. These images will be available for download in a range of sizes. If you just want to download them all at full size please click on the Download Button as shown below. Both these galleries will be held wihin a folder with your name which you will find at the top of, this page and this folder will be password protected and I will send you that password.

All images within the Worked On folder will become full and permanent property of you, the client. I retain only the right to use them in marketing situations. If I feel like the shoot is something that might not be right for me to use in marketing I will discuss that with you or simply not use them. If I don't raise the topic but you require privacy and that I not share them please let me know.

Once again, if you have any issues or questions at all please just get in touch

If you want to download images in a different size just click on a thumbnail and, below the image that pops up, you should see a Download Button and a Resize Button as shown below. You will also see that you can Buy Photo which allows you to order prints, mugs etc directly from your gallery. The site does really excellent printing work at a reasonable price.

When the shoot was set up we will have agreed to a number of finished images included in the price (if not please get in touch) and to let me know which images you would like me to work up please refer to the filename as shown on the thumbnail as below. 

Head Shot Shoots

If your shoot is or was a head shot shoot (particularly a multi person head shot shoot) you will probably have chosen your image from the back of the camera on the day of the shoot. In this case all the images will just go into one gallery (again with a password I will have sent you) and you can download using the instruction from above. If you find you are unhappy with the chosen image please let me know


In all cases all images in the Worked on folder will become full and exclusive property of the client with the photographer retaining rights ONLY to show images in marketing settings. If you do not wish for me to use them even in that setting please discuss that with me.

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