Multi Person Shoot

What is a Multi Person Shoot? Well, it’s a very special deal offered by Phil Rose Photography to allow primarily local businesses to obtain a large number of high quality head and shoulder portraits at an unbeatable price. Here’s how it works. Book a day using the form below. Round up your co-workers, troop downtown or have me come to you, form an orderly line, have your photos taken in the fully equipped studio or with my portable studio lights and backdrops, provide an email address, troop back to the office or get back to work.

Within three days your images will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery and they can be snagged by you in a variety of sizes ready to add to business cards, fliers, websites or wherever else takes your fancy. I believe they can even put them on a cake now if such a thing appeals. They will stay online indefinitely so they will always be available at any size you require.

If you do need business cards with the images added I can also via my sister company, Midline Design. Please click here for more information about this service.

Please note that this service will result in up to three finished JPGs per subject. No background removal or replacement is included in this price but may be ordered separately. Please ask for details.

I provide three backgrounds to choose from.

Prices for Bellingham

One person in studio                       $150

One person on location*                 $110

Two people†                                     $70/person

Three people†                                   $60/person                              

Four people†                                     $50/person

Five people or more†                       $45/person

*Within ten miles of downtown Bellingham

†Location cost. Please add $50 to the total for in studio option.

Prices above 10 miles from Bellingham*

One person on location            $150

Two people                                 $190

Three people                               $230

Four people                                 $250

Five people or more                   $275

*Studio shoots not available out of town unless the client can provide a location. Please confirm that your space will work and add $50 to the process above for the provision of studio lights.

Business headshots

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