Seeing Bellingham Information

Good News and Bad News

The Bad News is that we have to have a few rules for the group and this being a dictatorship, I have to make them.

The Good News is that I'm a super, SUPER benevolent dictator so the rules are pretty light and easy and they should make the group more fun to be a part of as it gets larger.

.5 No pictures of purple flying elephants. EVER.

1. Images should be taken by you, in Whatcom, San Juan, Island or Skagit Counties. Yes the name is Seeing Bellingham, but I'm not going to exclude work just because it wasn't taken inside the city limits. Our four counties are broad enough to be inclusive but narrow enough to keep the local flavor. I am sorry if this disappoints anyone but it is a good middle ground between the "Only Bellingham" position and the "Any Photo From Anywhere" position. Please understand.

2. The only advertisement type posts allowed here will be if someone is sharing a link to a gallery show of photography, a book about photography or some local art event. Another exception is if you are selling some camera gear and would like to offer it to the group first that is fine. If you post a link to your online work-from-home scheme or a site where we can all get cheap sunglasses or anything else I think is SPAM you will be summarily banned from the group. THIS post is your 1st warning. There will not be a 2nd. If you want to be a spammer do it right and buy our information from some big data company and send it to my email account where I my army of robots can delete it for me.

3. The only time negative or critical comments on photographs are allowed is if the person posting the photo specifically says they are seeking critique. If they ask for critique it should be constructive.

4. Please refrain from making negative comments about the subject matter of the photos. This is about the act of taking photographs and the results of that act. If you dislike the person or thing in the photo write it on a bit of paper and then burn it while chanting quietly to yourself.

5. This is a happy place where we share photos we are proud of and learn new stuff and maybe challenge ourselves to grow as photographers. There are plenty of places on Facebook and elsewhere for snark. But not here please. :-)

6. I reserve the right to delete posts or comments that are spammy, negative or in any way offensive. I also reserve the right to ban people without warning for any reason whatsoever. I try to be as laid back as possible but abuse, 'trolling' and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and, in the end, it is my choice who can be in the group.

7. More rules may follow as situations arise

8. Such as this. Photographs in this group should just be photographs. No text additions as overlays please. Stylised finishes such as borders and textures are fine.

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