We are rapidly approaching our 10,000th member and as such it is time to celebrate this milestone. So we're going to have a wee competition. Each member can submit just one image for each of a few categories. Their very favorite one. You will e-mail this to me and it will be entered into the competition. The moderators will then sit down with gin and Zoom and choose a first, second and third place winner from each category and we'll have to think about prizes! It may just be the prestige of winning since I make no money from this gig but we'll ponder that!

Anyway, here are the rules and instructions.

1. The photograph you submit must comply with the rules of Seeing Bellingham, specifically taken in the geographical areas, taken by you, abiding by the rules of Facebook.

2. You may submit only one image per category. If you submit more than one you will be banned from the competition. You do not HAVE to enter for all the categories!

3. The categories are Landscape, Portrait, Pet/animal, macro, still life, street.

4. Your entries must be sent by e-mail by clicking the text below where it says 'e-mail Your Pic. If that doesn't work for you send your pic/s to philrose@philrosephoto.com with the subject line "Seeing Bellingham Competition' so that they are filtered into the right folder in my e-mail. If the subject line isn't included then your entry may disappear. If you don't specify which category an image is in the e-mail we will do our best to categorise it for you but, if you think it's not obvious let us know in the body of the email.

5. By submitting you are agreeing to giving Seeing Bellingham the right to share the image/s on the group's page. There is the possibility there could be a calendar too in which case you are allowing us to use your images in that context. 

6. You will remain the primary owner of the images and we will not sell your image directly or in any way other than in a possible calendar which probably won't happen anyway!

7. if you have any questions please DM me on Seeing Bellingham and good luck!

8. Closing date is Christmas Day 2020!

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