I am so excited to announce the arrival of RED, my new plug in Prius Prime Premium (so many 'P's!)

This car gets me an average of 70 miles to the gallon, allowing me to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce my environmental impact. I will continue to pay for my Terrapass because, why not? I'll offset a gas-guzzler!

I have found myself driving up and down to Seattle, Bellevue, Mount Vernon and so on a lot more as my business has taken off. This has led me to feel guilt about my impact on the climate and so I have taken to offsetting my carbon footprint using Terrapass. I did some research and this seems to be the best of the offsetting guys. Check them out!

Phil Rose Photography and Midline Design have been members of Sustainable Connections for more years than I care to remember and I have always loved the mission of the organisation as well as the events and education they bring to our community.

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Moo is a company that produces business cards and they have a line of products made from T-shirts. I chose these to reduce my impact on the environment. If I give you my card, just don't try to wear it.

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