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Price Guide

One of the main obstacles to people even contacting a photographer seems to be a confusion and concern about the cost of a shoot. It is one of the great unknowns! While it doesn’t cost anything to ask me for a personalized quote I understand the trepidation. The boxes below are designed to give a very rough idea of what my services might cost. Please be aware that this is just a rough guide and you should check with me for a free, no obligation accurate quote. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. All prices shown exclude sales tax at the current rate.

Shoot Prices

Location portrait session   $100-200

Studio portrait session    $150-250

Business head shots     $100-200

Wedding shoot     $800-1,900*

Commercial shoot (food, product etc)    $150-250

Architectural shoot     $150-250

Real estate shoot Please click

*Please click here for more information

Business Headshot Prices

1 person $150

2 people    $100/person 

3 people    $80/person 

4 people    $70/person 

5 or more people    $60/person

More than 10 people? Please contact me for a custom quote.

Please get in touch for more information.

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