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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography shoots can mean a multitude of different things in different situations but this can be used to give a basic idea of what you can expect from such a shoot.

I would attend the shoot whether that be at your location or in studio and we would shoot for a predetermined length of time. Usually 30-60 minutes depending on what sort of a shoot we are undertaking. There would be no limit to the number of shots I would take in this time. 

I would then return to the studio and go through the photos and delete any that are out of focus, wildly under or over exposed or where you are blinking or whatever else might make images clearly unusable. I would then upload all the remaining images to a gallery within your folder. This folder will be located at the Client Galleries page which will only be accessible with the password I will send to you.

I will then work up a few of the images to show how much different final images can be from the RAW originals. These final pieces will be placed in a second gallery within the folder called 'Worked on images'. This will be where all finished pieces will live.

You can then look through your raw images folder and choose which images (up to the agreed total) you would like me to work up and I will do so and add them to the Worked On gallery. You can also specify a look you might like for images such as black and white or sepia toned.

Once these are all done and uploaded and all fees are paid the watermarks will be removed from the images in the Worked On gallery and you will then be able to download in a range of sizes from thumbnail through sizes good for social media to the full high resolution images. You can also order prints and other items directly from the gallery. You can pass the URL (and password) of the folder on to friends and family and they too can then download and order prints. The folder will stay up indefinitely (I have ten year old folders online) so you can return at any time to gather your images again. I do recommend downloading all the final images at high resolution to make a backup in case I die or go out of business (hasn't happened yet!) 

I think that's it. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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