How to download from your gallery

After your shoot I will send you an email that tells you to go to At the top of this page you should see a thumbnail for either a folder on the left or a gallery on the right. I should also include a password for your folder/gallery. 

Inside your folder there will be a number of galleries (usually two) named either 'Raw images' or 'worked on images'. The raw images folder will contain unprocessed images straight out of the camera. These are for evaluation purposes only and cannot be downloaded. The Worked on folder will contain finished images. When you first receive the link there should be a few example images that i have worked up to show how different final images can look from the ones straight from the camera. These are yours to keep and do not count towards any agreed upon number you can choose. 

To choose images please roll over a thumbnail and the filename will pop up as shown here. That is the name you should use to refer to the images you would like finished up. Just the number will work too, of course. If you are looking at a full size image the filename appears below left of the image too.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

On the thumbnail page for the Worked on images gallery at the top you should see a Download button like this. This will download all the images at full resolution read for you to keep or take to print locally or at another online vendor.

On the single image page (once you have clicked an image) you should see a bar like this at the bottom. This shows, in order left to right, the Share button (I doubt that will work since the folder is password protected), a comment button for adding a comment, an info button, download button and resize button as well as the big red Buy button for ordering prints etc. To download an image in a range of sizes first click on the size button and then choose the size you want to download. It will refresh the page with the image at that size. Then hit the Download button. Simple as that! 

I highly recommend ordering prints directly from the site. The quality is excellent, the price reasonable and I, as a local photographer, get a cut of the cost which allows me to keep the cost of shoots down. Thanks!

Untitled photo

Different Looks.

Generally speaking people will leave the finishing of photographs up to me. I have a lot of experience and like to think that I have a good eye in deciding how a photograph would look best. Nonetheless, you have the absolute right to let me know how you would like your images processed. When you send me the filenames from your gallery please be sure that, if you have a specific look you're after, you let me know what that look is and which file it relates to. Below is the same image done in a few different ways which I hope will help to illustrate what I'm referring to.

  • Black and White

  • Object removal (wire on right)

  • Original

  • Old style additions.

Gallery longevity.

Any folders or galleries that I create for you will remain online indefinitely. I have galleries online which have been there for 10 years and more. I guarantee that they will stay there for one year but should I go out of business after that time or should I meet an untimely demise(!) then it is possible that the account will lapse and galleries will disappear. However, hopefully my business will continue to thrive and I will not die in the foreseeable future! You can send the link on to friends and family or to printers or, indeed, anywhere else. You and they can return at any time to download your images again. You can order prints at any time. And always remember that you can just get in touch if you ever have any problems.

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