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Lots of Positive Feedback 😊 everyone Loved your Pictures  Thank you you were a True Professional and I look forward to working together in the Future


We have used Phil Rose for family photos two times this year.   The 1 year old photos of my granddaughter that Phil took during the summer are precious, he captured the joy she has for life. We were so pleased to see the pictures that Phil took at the wedding.   Phil definitely has a knack for catching impromptu pictures that capture the excitement and tone of the day!  We even had some fun with the family staged and group photos.  He was able to catch each and every participant at the wedding in a complimentary pose.   I really appreciated the time he took ahead of time getting to know the wedding couple and finding out what type of photos they wanted.  Phil is a true professional!  He arrived on time and ready to go.

P. R. 

Recently I had my portrait done with Photographer Phil Rose. I am very happy with my photos. Mr. Rose is very professional. He asked a lot of questions for what I wanted with my photos, and he did a good preparation. When I received my portrait it was the exact look I wanted. I highly recommend him for the professional job.


Hi Phil,

We are very happy with the photos you took. You really captured some beautiful moments and did justice to the whole mood of the occasion. Some of my favorites are: the one of J***** bending over, looking down the stairs, J***** coming down the stairs, there's a black and white with J***** looking at N***, shiny eyes, so much love. All of them of J***** and N*** show the love they have for each other. 

The day went very well...perfect as a matter of fact, which was quite unexpected. You did a beautiful job and your wife is a delight. It was nice to meet her and I am so glad I found you to do the pictures and I will certainly pass on the word to anyone who ever needs a professional photographer.

Thank you, L

"I recently had a last minute request from a gallery to do an art show. I needed a photographer really quick and got a lot of requests through Thumbtack. I took my time finding the right fit and someone I could easily communicate with. Phil made it very easy coming to me, assisted by his wife and got the job done quick. The images were sent to me in an easy to access format so I could share with the gallery. Highly recommend!"

"Hey, Phil, I just wanted to tell you that people are going gaga over this photo you took of me. I just wanted to let you know, it was a big hit and I think it's going to help my marketing a lot. Thanks!"

"We hired Phil to shoot our rustic cabin wedding a little late in the game, but he was exactly what we wanted! He met with us quickly and kept in touch often leading up to the big day.

"Having never hired a professional photograph before, Phil and his wife walked us through the whole process with ease, and we immediately hit it off."

"His experience meant that we could let him guide us and let him take the reins when it came to creative shots and he did not disappoint! His wedding package was well within our budget and we got more than we thought for our buck."

"I really wanted a coloured smoke picture in the woods that I had seen on Pinterest. He had never done a shot like that before but they turned out beautifully! We really wanted candid shots of everyone at the wedding including the children to use in our thank you cards and he got everyone in at least one shot!"

"We have not yet printed our wedding photos but I know from working with him on the day that the process will be smooth and easy. The day goes by so fast that it's important to keep those memories through photos, and I am still brought to tears by some of the precious moments he caught that I would never have seen had he not been there documenting them for us. We recomend him to anyone who wants a true artist to capture their big day!" AB"

"Phil is professional, experienced and creative. A picture is worth a thousand words. Let him help you make your statement."LP

"Phil Rose was very professional and responsive to my requests when taking pictures of my therapy cat Melanie and me both inside and outside of the nursing homes and care facilities where we volunteer. The quality of his work exceeded my expectations. He really has a great eye for capturing the right moments and for selecting the best pictures. He made a really great slide show for me from the pictures he took of Melanie and me that I will be showing to preschoolers in a couple of weeks at "Helping Hands"week at their preschool. Plus Phil's service was very affordable as compared to the other quotes I received for the same job. I highly recommend Phil Rose Photography and I would hire him again in a heartbeat." CM

"Professional! Even with high energy kids he managed to take our pictures and they turned out excellent. Thank you again Phil. Will definitely be going back for any more future photo shoots." WY

“Phil was a joy to work with-- reliable, timely, jovial, and produced excellent photographs! You only get one chance with your wedding photos, and Phil captured the essence of the day beautifully.” -Mm

"Phil- Thank you so much for the wonderful pics. There are the memories you captured for us to cherish our whole life! I look forward to working with you in the future. If and when we have a family you will be the one we want taking our pictures!" K&T

"You are really the only photographer that I think is outstanding in this village. Seriously." SM

"Phil Rose is a wonderful photographer and we highly recommend him! We hired him for our wedding and we could not be more pleased. We got married at Broadway Hall in Bellingham on July 20th. Neither my husband or I are from the area, so we did not know where to do the pictures. Phil was very helpful and even went out early to find the perfect place to do our reveal photos. He then provided walkie-talkies to insure that my husband and I would not run into each other on the way to the reveal (so smart!). I gave him a list of must have photos and was very pleased that he not only insured we had them, but he also had great ideas of his own for other pictures. Phil and his assistant Lola make a wonderful team and are not only talented, but very nice and respectful people. One of my favorite things about Phil is that he puts all of the pictures that turned out online for everyone to see! We had over 1,000 photos that my family and friends can go on and look at, download, and print (we received all the pictures on a disk). He also hand edited 15 pictures of our choosing (wow what a difference hand editing makes!), and gave them to us at a higher quality. My mother is very happy that she can go through all the pictures, find the ones she wants, e-mail Phil, and she can get hand edited pictures too. It was so nice to have a photographer as flexible and friendly as Phil with such talent. We HIGHLY recommend him!" T&B

"It would be hyperbole to say that Phil Rose is the greatest photographer in the whole entire world, but it's really not THAT much of a stretch..." DB

"Phil Rose takes some of the prettiest photos. AD

"When it comes to art, I have to say I am a bit of a snob. I mostly don't bother to tell people what I really think but in this case I can. Your work is REALLY good. I hope you do well with the book." DEK

“Phil was a joy to work with-- reliable, timely, jovial, and produced excellent photographs! You only get one chance with your wedding photos, and Phil captured the essence of the day beautifully.” -Mm

"I thought my childhood portrait was ruined, but Phil removed stains and crease marks, breathing new life into a photo more than twenty-five years old and restoring it to stunning clarity." A.D.

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