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Rebecca and Aaron Worked on

Hi there! Thanks so much for entrusting your shoot to me.  There are two types of gallery that I produce for clients. If below you see Raw images as the title then this is a gallery which is used only for judging composition and letting me know which images you would like me to work on. When you do so please feel free to be as creative as you like... Something along the lines of 'Can we have file Dave-and-Sarah 137 in black and white and can you lighten Sarah's face a little and maybe blur the background to make us stand out' would be perfect. If you don't give me specific suggestions I will use my ENORMOUS(!) talent to choose a look that I think works for each image. Unfortunately, if you then don't like the look I chose and do decide how you would like it I would have to charge you for those alternate looks ($10/look/image) so do let me know if you have a preference!

If the gallery is title 'Worked on' then these are your final finished images. If you click on one of the thumbnails the image should pop open and at the bottom right you should see a button to allow you to see the image at different sizes (resolutions). Click on this button and choose the size you'd like to grab then click on the Download Button to download to your computer. You can also pass this link on to others (remember to give them the password too, of course), buy prints and products and return at any time to get the images again or at different sizes.

Thanks very much and, if you have any problems or find that things don't work as you expected do just get in touch. Thanks again.

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