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Emergency Practice

These images were taken at a short (three-hour) wedding here in Bellingham. I think I got a lot of great photographs but there are a few things to be noted about the shoot. Firstly, it was short, as I say. Secondly the location (Lairmont Manor) is notorious as a dark location indoors. It is very beautiful but full of dark wood and not a huge amount of light coming through windows. It should also be noted that the wedding ran a little late and the couple decided not to go away with me to do some romantic shots since we had managed to grab the ones in the gardens earlier. I would have preferred to do some more staged images but, as time is moving on they decided that they would stick with what we had already captured. I was only booked until 6 PM by the time we left they had not gotten around to cake cutting, dancing or the toasts. For your wedding we are scheduled for 10 hours with two shooters which will allow us to capture way more photographs and have many more options. I just wanted you to see a randomly chosen recent wedding to give you a sense of my style and of the range of images that can be caught.

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