Hi there, it looks as though we might not be at home when you arrive this evening so you will need to let yourself in via the lockbox. Locate the box and flip open the cover. Push down the Clear button to make sure it is ready for your input. Type in 1489 and then push down the Open button and you will find a key which will open the front door. Please be sure to return the key immediately (see IMPORTANT section below). To do so press the Clear button again then dial in 1489 again then hold down the Open button and close the door (with the key inside, of course!)

Come on in and head down the hall. The third door on the right (the glass door) will lead down some stairs to your two rooms. Please make yourself at home! As for the upstairs, you'll find the bathroom and kitchen -- please make use of the shared spaces as you would like.

Are you burning to watch a video made by me with an intro to the space? I have a degree in film and television production, you know! Check out this video to see what you would see if I were actually there to meet you!


When you have unlocked the front door please return the key immediately as it is our only spare and there may be someone coming after your stay. There is a front (and back) door key hanging inside by the mirror next to the downstairs door which you can keep with you during your stay to come and go so please return the key! Sorry to be so strident!

If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to call me on 360-739-9067.



PS for obvious reasons please do not pass this link on to other people. Thanks!

PPS Cats!

I have one and a half cats, Koko (the black cat) and Mimi. Koko is my cat and Mimi lives across the street but comes around a lot to forage and eat Koko's food. They are lovely cats but Koko has a definite patience limit so please be a little  careful with her. Stroke her and pat her fuzzy head by all means but she doesn’t like to be picked up or to have extended attention from strangers. We would advise treating her with the respect she  feels she deserves! Mimi, on the other hand, is a lover so snuggle her all you want.

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