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About Me

Hello! I am a British man living in Bellingham and I have been a photographer since 1986. Originally I wanted to be in a punk rock band but I soon came to realise that I was too unmusical even for this modest desire! A friend told me I should try being a photographer and that this way I could express my art and also get hang out with punk rock bands by photographing them. And so I picked up a cheap Pentax knockoff called a Chinon and a 50 mm lens. I spent several years learning my way around this camera and proceeding Pentax cameras before going to college in Manchester and London to learn photography. In 1992 I moved to Edinburgh for a degree in visual communications at Heriot Watt University. I moved to Bellingham in 2001 and have been working as a full-time photographer ever since. As for personal work, I tend to concentrate on landscape and particularly urban landscapes. There is nothing I like more than traveling to a large American city and simply walking around soaking in the atmosphere in photographing its buildings.

If you’re looking for wedding photography that will provide you with timeless images whilst leaving you the financial resources to afford the caterer, the venue, and everything else that goes into creating the perfect day, trust me to make it happen. Please get in touch for a free, no obligation meeting. I’ll buy the coffee!

Another area of expertise is portraiture. Whether you need images for a modeling portfolio, graduation shots, charming images of your children (they’ll never be this size again!), a family or group portrait, or just want to have some pictures of yourself as a treat, I’ll work out how to immortalize you and yours.

Interested in commercial photography? Whether you are looking for food photography, architectural or real estate work, product images, or business head shots, do please get in touch. I am fully licensed and insured and have a proven track record of providing first class service to local businesses and press.

Paint is cheap...

...but you wouldn't ask the first person to come along who could afford a tube of oils to paint a portrait of you. I believe the same should be true of a hired photographer. As the years have rolled by and the technological advances have become more rapid and the results of those advances have become cheaper and cheaper, really high quality cameras have become available to anyone with around $500. Does this mean they have the skills to create lasting memories or deal responsibly and effectively with you, the client? I have to believe that the talent and abilities that come with over thirty years of experience as a photographer are of great importance. So let me help you to create something beautiful and lasting of your wedding, effective and engaging for your business portraits or bold and striking of your commercial still life or architectural images. 

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