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Click on an image you want to download. Below right of the image you should see a button which allows you to see the image at a number of sizes including full size. Click one and then right click on the image and save it. At the top of the gallery you will also see a Download button which would allow you to download all the full size images in one go. Thanks a lot, let me know if you have any problems. You will also see a button at the top of gallery page which is entitled Download. If you click this button it will download all of photographs at full resolution. There should be no charge for downloading images since they are yours and you already paid for them. If any point you are presented with a request payment then something has gone wrong! In this case please contact me.

You can also print images directly from the gallery. The company that I use for my galleries is very good and produces beautiful prints. You are also able to produce other items such as canvas prints and so on. Printing through this gallery supports me as a local artist and I thank you in advance for considering doing so. Finally, if you have any problems at all with any aspect of this please let me know. Thanks again to your business! It means a lot. Phil

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